Our publication year runs from April–May each year to February–March of the next year. New advertisers pay for the issues left in our ad year: divide the number below by six and multiply by the issues left. We’ll ask you in February each year if you’d like to renew for the next year. 

We may take a one-off ad if space is available, at a cost of one-third of the prices below to cover the extra admin. But if you are a worthy cause, why not send us an article instead? When we have space, we may print event posters, but we often can’t (why not?).

Our ad deadline is the first Friday in the month before the cover month — a week before the copy deadline for the issue.

Size in cm: width x height Type Price for six issues

6 x 4cm

Landscape: one eighteenth

£48 (= £8 per issue)


6 x 9cm

Portrait: one ninth

£96 (= £16 per issue)

12 x 9cm

Landscape: two-ninths

£270 (= £45 per issue)

Please note that there is limited availability of two-ninth spaces. 


For small businesses booking a one-eighteenth or one-ninth ad, we can design an ad for you, or adapt an existing ad, and can usually do this at no cost to you, to help your business. If we do this and you’d like to use the ad elsewhere, or adapt it for other uses, please ask us – for a nominal charge to cover our time, we’d be happy to help.

Otherwise, you’ll need to supply artwork, and this should be:

  • of similar quality to the other ads in the magazine
  • the right size, as above – if you’re planning to use an existing ad at reduced size, check that the copy will still be readable
  • at least 300dpi – if you’re not sure it’s good enough resolution, print it out and see how it looks!
  • black and white or grayscale (coloured designs often don’t have enough contrast to be legible)

If you don’t have artwork at roughly the right size, send us the copy in a Word file or by email, plus any pictures or logos separately as JPGs, TIFFs or GIFs.

If you’re in Sawston or Pampisford, the price includes a free subscription; if not, we will send you the first issue your ad appears in, and the April–May issue when you renew.


If your details change, we can update your ad, but we won’t do that more than once a year. For what we charge, we can’t have a different ad in each issue – sorry!

To discuss any of this, please contact our Advertising Manager.