Sawston Scene

Sawston Scene is the village magazine for Sawston, Cambridgeshire. (Find out more about the village on Wikipedia.)

The aims of the magazine are:
• to be informative
• to promote community spirit within Sawston
• to be non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making.

The first issue was published in April 1970 by a group of young mothers who were new to the village. One of them was Jean Osborne, who is still on our production team.

C H R I S T M A S   G I F T   S U B S C R I P T I O N   O F F E R
Some Sawstonians are no longer able to collect Sawston Scene from the shops where it’s sold, or share copies with friends. So why not give them a subscription for Christmas, starting with the current December 2020–January 2021 issue?

Just buy your friend a Christmas card and put their name and address on the envelope. Drop it off at 95 High Street (next to the war memorial) with cash or a cheque to Sawston Scene for £7.

For just £7, your friend will get:
• this December–January issue delivered along with your card,
on the same day we get it from you!
• in the same package, copies of our June–September and October–November 2020 magazines,
for as long as we have stocks left
• the February–March 2021 issue
• next year’s subscription of six magazines.

Always meant to subscribe but never got around to it? You can buy this offer as a Christmas present to yourself too! Questions? Email

F I F T I E T H   A N N I V E R S A R Y  I S S U E
The April–May 2020 issue celebrated our fiftieth anniversary. We had hoped to deliver to the whole village, but the coronavirus lockdown stopped the presses; we had just enough copies to get them to our subscribers, and to let the wonderful Spar in Sawston have a few spares to send out to elderly or vulnerable customers. Here is a PDF of the magazine free for everybody:

April-May 2020 cover

April-May 2020

Please be aware that some of the information in the magazine will be out of date by the time you read it.

We have provided lots of information and help contacts so you can keep up to date. You can also click on any link to go to that website.

For updates on what has changed, sign up for the Sawston email.

The magazine is published every two months, with issues coming out well before the first cover month, for February-March, April-May, June-July, August-September, October-November, and December-January. We print 1,300 copies of each issue: there are around 3,300 households in Sawston and many people pass them on, so we reckon that we reach about half the village.

O N   S A L E
You will find the magazine on sale in the High Street at Spar, Sawston Post Office, and Cambridge Building Society (not now at the Children’s Society shop or Sawston Medical Centre in London Road, as they are closed). Single copies cost £2, and you just take one and drop your money in the box.

You can subscribe for just £5 for six issues and have copies delivered to your door (if you’re in Sawston or Pampisford) by our brilliant team of distributors. Subscriptions run from the April-May issue, and there are always forms in the February-March issue, and at Sawston Post Office. To subscribe at any other time, contact our subs manager: you pay for the issues left in the year, at 83p an issue. Fill in the form and give it with your cash or cheque to the post office staff, or to your deliverer.

If you’re outside the village, we can send your magazines by post and charge this at cost. A postal subscription costs £14 for delivery within the UK.

To find out more, take out a subscription, or join our team of volunteers to deliver the magazine, contact our subs manager Cheryl on 528423 or

N O N – P R I N T    V E R S I O N S
If you find the printed version hard to read, please contact the editor as we may be able to supply an alternative version or arrange for articles to be read and recorded.

Here’s a sample PDF of one of our walks: this is the Pampisford Wych walk, from our December 2010–January 2011 issue.