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Sawston Scene is the village magazine for Sawston, Cambridgeshire. (Find out more about the village on Wikipedia.) The aims of the magazine are:

  • to be informative
  • to promote community spirit within Sawston
  • to be non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making.

The first issue was published in April 1970 by a group of young mothers who were new to the village. One of them was Jean Osborne, who is still on our production team.

The magazine is published every two months, with issues coming out well before the first cover month, for February-March, April-May, June-July, August-September, October-November, and December-January. We print 1,300 copies of each issue: there are around 3,000 households in Sawston and many people pass them on, so we reckon that we reach about half the village.

O N   S A L E
You will find the magazine on sale in the High Street at Spar, Sawston Post Office, Cambridge Building Society, and the Children’s Society shop, and at Sawston Medical Centre in London Road. Single copies cost £2, and you just take one and drop your money in the box.

You can subscribe for just £5 for six issues and have copies delivered to your door (if you’re in Sawston or Pampisford) by our brilliant team of distributors. Subscriptions run from the April-May issue, and there are always forms in the February-March issue, and at Sawston Post Office. To subscribe at any other time, contact our subs manager: you pay for the issues left in the year, at 83p an issue Fill in the form and give it with your cash or cheque to the post office staff, or to your deliverer.

If you’re outside the village, we can send your magazines by post and charge this at cost. A postal subscription costs £14 for delivery within the UK.

To find out more, take out a subscription, or join our team of volunteers to deliver the magazine, contact our subs manager Cheryl on 528423 or

N O N – P R I N T    V E R S I O N S
If you find the printed version hard to read, please contact the editor as we may be able to supply an alternative version or arrange for articles to be read and recorded.

Here’s a sample PDF of one of our walks: this is the Pampisford Wych walk, from our December 2010–January 2011 issue.

19 thoughts on “Sawston Scene

  1. I have family roots in sawston …townsend and runham….can you tell me how i can subscribe to sawston scene please

    • Hi Lorraine. Postal subscriptions are still £10 for the coming year. Please phone or email Doug Irish, our acting subs manager, and he will let you know where to send your cheque.

    • Hi Bill! We could send you the magazine with postage charged at cost, but that would be quite expensive. Or you could pay our normal subscription cost, and get the magazine emailed to you as a PDF.

  2. I hear the Parish Council is behind banning Late Night Shopping this year on Health and Safety grounds.

    Is this true? Can the Scene investigate?? We need to be told!

    • We printed your letter and replied in our December 2013–January 2014 issue:
      Editor Beck Laxton replies:
      Chinese whispers at work here, I think! The PC would hardly ban late-night shopping (rebranded as the Christmas Fair at one stage, I believe, but it didn’t catch on), because it’s the PC that runs it. But the event had petered out rather, with hardly any shops staying open, not many stalls, and a plague of tombolas. So the PC decided to give it a couple of years’ break and then see what people thought.
      If someone else wanted to take it over and revitalise it, I’m sure this would be welcomed. Are you volunteering, Adam?

  3. Dear sirs, why has the new version of the crossing on the A1303 still not, in my opinion, in the correct place? I feel it should cross at the northern end of the junction, where the new cycle/footpath starts now, this way there is only one road to cross not two as now, again! I have never found a ‘bike in all my years of racing and pleasure riding that actually goes at right angles round corners, I know it looks “pretty” but is totally useless on a ‘bike or wheelchair etc.. I also think that the new cycle/foot path on the A505 should be on the Northern side on the road thus allowing traffic to access Granta Park via the slip road at the top of the hill by the dual carriage, avoiding two side roads and the A12 junction. Thank you Martin Swales.

    • See the February-March issue for a reply to your letter. (And by the way, few of us are ‘sirs’ – see the production team page.)

  4. I am from the USA and needing your address in Sawston to mail the money to receive your online subscription, please.

    • Please send an email to the appropriate person on our Production team page – in this case, our subs manager, Cheryl. For security reasons, we don’t put addresses on here – and it’s better to send it to the right person rather than our general editorial address.

  5. What is happening at the Sawston Cinema? Looking at their web site there seem to be very few films being shown these days, in fact the only ‘showings’ listed so far this year (April 2014) are King Lear on Thursday 1st of May; The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Thursday 22nd May & A Small Family Business Thursday 12th June, all broadcast live from The National Theatre & the cost of tickets between £10 & £15. These are not actual films but live productions, so what has happened to the original plan of showing films that have a more general interest to local people, at affordable prices. It is obvious that this venue is only running events to suit Sawston Village College students & nothing for the local community.
    As a former Sawstonian & one who can remember Sawston Cinema back in its hey day I am very disappointed that it has degenerated to its current form, firstly as a youth centre & now basically an annex of Sawston Village College.
    At a time when Sawston is looking for a community centre what a shame that this building is not available for that purpose & its control & administration transferred to the village community. It could have so much potential, a proper cinema, theatre, community centre etc etc.
    Who actually owns the building now? I am sure the Spicer family would be disappointed that it is no longer serving the village community as originally set up by Mr H G Spicer. The fact that he built the cinema because Sawston Village College governors would not allow films to be shown in the college hall, goes strongly against his belief & reasons for building the cinema.
    In its current form it is looking dowdy & run down with only a tatty banner advertising it as Sawston Cinema, which its not.
    Maybe Sawston Village College should look seriously at handing the building over to Sawston village people so more use of it could be made for Sawston residents.
    Yours Sincerely
    John Wakefield

    • Hi John. We had another letter to the Scene about the cinema asking a similar question so see the June-July issue. Sorry I hadn’t replied before now – emailing is better!

    • Sorry, John – it was your letter I was thinking of. Please send letters by email not to here as I really can’t manage another information stream! I have also been in touch with you by phone and email to clarify some details. I forwarded your letter to SVC and they have replied: their reply will be printed in the magazine.

  6. I know this is a long shot but has anyone in sawston got a photo of the cottages that stood where the new post office is now ? My great gran died in number 50 on the corner .

    • Hi Lorraine. I’m not sure anyone will see your post here. Are you on Facebook? Try the Sawston Scene Facebook page, or the Sawston page. Or email a letter to the magazine and we can print it – do you have any stories you can tell us about your great-gran?

  7. Hi, I was wondering if you have any copies of the sawston scene as you was at the Easter even at challis gardens and my son was in it as he has his picture taken…could I have a copy?

  8. Hi Bex
    I enjoyed looking at the photo of the man walking in the floods at Mill lane on your last issue. It was my father Ronald Carder who still lives there today. He worked night shift at Spicers and was called home. I remember waiting for the water to come in the front door but it came through the floorboards first. Ronald is now 85 and remembers it all well. He refused to leave his home. There are still Waterboard markings on their house of the height the water reached.

    • Thank you, Nigel. Would you like this printed as a letter? It’s always good when an article prompts a memory.

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