Past team members

Ann Redshaw – PICTURES EDITOR from 2010? to April–May 2020

Ann Redshaw

Spotter’s guide: A rare eastern village dweller, migrating frequently into the village centre armed with a camera, and occasionally further afield to London and Belfast to feed chicks. Slow laboured flight and call is quiet, but always interested in the nests and calls of other species; can become strident in the face of red tape. Dull ruffled plumage with a grey speckled dark red cap. Voracious feeder on allotment soft fruit. Overwinters in warmer climes whenever possible.

Jean Osborne

Jean Osborne – EDITOR – ??

Still part of the team as our Sales Manager, Jean was one of Sawston Scene’s founders. At one time or another she has taken on almost every role.


Copy written by each team member; photographs by Ann Redshaw