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This is for six copies of Sawston Scene, from April–May 2022 to February–March 2023, either delivered by hand to a Sawston or Pampisford address, or delivered by post to any other UK address. (If you can pay by cash using our subscriptions form, you can pay lower rates: £5 or £14.)

This form will take you to PayPal where you can log in to a PayPal account if you have one, or choose ‘Pay By Debit or Credit Card’.

If you are paying for someone else, please put their address as the delivery address. We will then pass on your address details to the Subscriptions Manager, and let your deliverer know that you have paid.

Sawston Scene subscription

Thank you to everyone who has responded! Sorry about the delay in getting this set up – I’ve just done PayPal for now as we already had an account.

28 thoughts on “Pay online

    • This might be the best option then: would you be happy to pay more to cover the PayPal charges? The main problem is it’s tricky for anyone who doesn’t have a PayPal account.

    • Sorry, not sure what you meant to type. If we offered PayPal at £6 instead of £5 to cover their charges, would you still prefer that?

      Cash is a bit archaic, but so is a printed magazine delivered free of charge….

  1. I would be interested in paying online however PayPal etc take a cut from the payment. Would be better to set up a bacs payment or direct debit to your bank. For a reference of who is paying how about a name and house number?

    • If we offered PayPal, it would be at a higher price to cover the charge. We did offer it a few years ago, and only one person ever used it! Direct debit isn’t an option as the rules are very strict for which organisations can set them up. BACS is tricky to reconcile – we’d need both house number and street name, and we don’t think this could work as the reference fields aren’t big enough. And if we can’t work out who a payment is from, we’d have no way of contacting the person.

      It’s trickier than it seems…..

    • I’m sorry, Barbara, BACS isn’t an option. We have around 70 ad payments coming in that way, and those are bad enough, but at least the business name usually matches the advertiser. We can’t do this for subscribers because we don’t know names: we only keep addresses.

  2. If it will cost more through on-line banking or Paypal, we are happy to continue with cash if Sawston Scene is happy to continue with this. (If it ain’t broke, ………!)

  3. One solution is to start recording subscriber names, there is a name field on the blue subscription card. An online form for subscriber name, address, email address etc should make the reconciliation fairly easy. If any payments cannot be matched to web forms, they would be extra income for the magazine. I would suggest stating this clearly on the web form and in the magazine.
    Or I would be happy to pay a bit extra for PayPal as that would be easier for you to reconcile.
    Many thanks for putting the magazine together so well.

    • Thank you! The reason for asking for feedback this way is that we don’t want to overhaul all our systems just so that two people out of eight hundred can pay by PayPal! But it looks as though there’s a lot more interest than last time we asked.And yes, a web form that links to a payment mechanism looks as if it might work… Someone on Facebook suggested Stripe, as unlike PayPal it doesn’t require an existing account.

    • Thank you, Richard! We hardly ever get any direct feedback, so this is good to hear. We’ve got a new Subs Manager so we don’t want to cause her too much extra work, but we’ll think about w=how to improve things over the course of the next year. I don’t think we could take payments as donations!

  4. I’d like to pay online. I know PayPal etc charge the receiver for this but would be happy to cover this cost if it was the better option for you to use and was a reasonable amount charged by them. But setting up a BACS payment via online or banking app straight into the SS bank account would be ideal & great if that’s a possibility. We would obviously need to use an agreed reference with you so you could keep track of all payments received. I would also happily add a donation to the requested cost to help keep the village magazine running if this could be an option? Thanks for looking into this as a potential option.

    • Thanks so much, Mandy! We can’t offer payment by BACS as it’s just too hard to reconcile payments with people.

    • Sorry, I’ve added PayPal but not anything else as it just took too long. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to use it – you can just pay with a debit card or credit card.

  5. I would like to pay online and understand that there might need to be a slightly higher cost to cover the system, but I don’t have a pay pal account

    • That won’t matter, Aureole – you can choose ‘Check In as a Guest’ and pay using a credit or debit card, without a PayPal account.

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