June–September 2020

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Early Help District Children’s Team email

page 13
Story Karen on YouTube

page 16
Coronavirus: How to remove masks properly / Wearing a mask does not replace any other risk reducing measures / A scientific discussion about calculating R / Current estimates of Covid-19 case numbers from two places: the Office for National Statistics, and the Covid Symptom study and why the numbers from the two sources differ

page 19
Small green steps: Cambridgeshire Libraries website; Our World in Data

page 21
Granta Medical Practices: non-urgent email address (remember to include your full name and date of birth

page 29
Coronavirus treatments and vaccines: Trial results and latest news about remdesivir / How vaccines work / Vaccine updates from Oxford University / Vaccine updates from Imperial College

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Sweet Tea on Facebook

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Lockdown hobbies – route

page 40
Pampisford Wych revisited – download or view the route